Another Week, Another Peek

With every passing week, I become more and more amazed by the blessings that God gives me. While I know I could never list all of these blessings out one by one, I like to pick one each day to remind myself of. Lately, this focus has been on the person closest to me and how lucky I am to have her by my side.

With me starting a new job this week, Patsy has had to pick up some of the slack left behind by me not being home during the day. Not only has she happily done this, but she’s gone beyond just getting through and has had a dinner ready at the table each evening for me. Wow, am I blessed or what?

Today Patsy has her second ultrasound. The first one was at 10 weeks, this one is the 12-week ultrasound. In that time-frame, the baby has progressed from being our little peanut to the size of a peach! While I’m not going to be able to go to the appointment with her this afternoon, I’m as excited as ever to peak at those new ultrasound pictures!

I’ll put together a post tonight or tomorrow morning with the ultrasound picture. I’m also going to be looking at getting the base overview for each of the sub pages in place. Hoping to have that all complete before the end of the week.

On a slightly different note, I would love if anyone has any suggestions with the look/feel or content of the site to drop me a line or leave me a comment!

Coram Deo!

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