Meeting the Midwife

Today we’re going to be meeting the lady who will likely be our midwife. It will certainly be interesting to get all of the information about how the delivery will be handled.

I’ve read online that we might end up having as many as 10 appointments with the midwife between now and when the baby is ready to join the fam. I feel a bit like Patsy has had a meeting with someone every week since getting pregnant. Fortunately, our insurance has been doing a really good job of keeping these appointments from affecting our check book.

I could tell last night that this appointment was different for Patsy though. Over dinner she was telling me that I better be on my best behavior while we are at the appointment. :D! I played it cool, but it definitely is a bit overwhelming to consider that I’m going to be meeting with the lady who is going to deliver my first child. Things are getting just a weeeeee bit real.

We also had our first real fright over the weekend while watching Max and Lexi. The gorgeous yet slippery stair case was the culprit. I watched as Patsy lost her balance and fell down them. She’s got the bruises to prove it. One of my projects this weekend is to get some kind of anti stick surface on them. I could not bear ever having to watch that happen again.

Patsy suggested that we mix some sand with poly and put another coat on them. I’m concerned that this will produce a less than stellar visual outcome. So before trying that I’m looking into a clear sticky adhesive which I can lay across the front edge of the stairs. I’ll post some pictures of what we end up deciding to do and how it turns out.

Following today, our next big excitement will be when Amber gets here next weekend! We’re both looking forward to her visit, but every time we have a conversation about it you can see how excited Patsy is to get some quality time with her sister. I’m thankful that Amber was able to make this trip happen.

We’re still mulling over the carpool options, but haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet. The issue is the rain. I’m not sure that I want to walk (or ride a bike) the two miles from the gym to the office every morning. Particularly on days like yesterday where mother nature is seemingly pouring her water glass over your head. Then there’s also the issue of me not always being ready to leave at 4:30 which is the maximum that it’s fair to ask Patsy to sit in the parking lot until.

I’m sure we’ll work out a good solution, but nothing yet has seemed to be a complete plan.

I’ll update again after the midwife appointment. Feel free to text me if you have any suggestions of topics to discuss with the midwife.

Coram Deo!

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